The Importance of Pre-Emergent Treatment

As the early morning birds start singing, it is important to keep in mind what can be done to have the best backyard come summer. Spring has sprung, which is why we here at CWC Landscaping LLC want people to understand the importance of caring for their lawn and landscaping, specifically when it comes to pre-emergent and weed & feed treatments. Tasks like pre-emergent treatment and proper lawn fertilization may seem daunting and too technical to understand, but in reality, these systems are easy to do and result in a lower maintenance landscape.

Many people think that simply watering their lawn to keep it green is enough. The truth is, top notch lawn care is more than turning on the hose when the grass is looking brown. To have an excellent, luscious lawn, one must do his or her research and plan ahead before the changing of seasons. For example,   it is important to do the weed and feed fertilizer before the lawn begins to grow again after those long winter months if it has been dormant.

Weed & feed lawn treatment is meant to be used prior to the re-growth period of a lawn because it targets problem areas before they have the chance to start. This sort of lawn treatment reduces the amount of weeds that live in the yard by great numbers, because it starts by implanting itself into the topsoil in surrounding areas. Topsoil is where weeds begin and, once activated, treatment can stop weeds from ever growing to the point of trouble.

Pre-emergent treatment can also stop the process of weeds that have already grown deep into the yard to the point where they return on a yearly basis Pre-emergent treatment cuts off weeds at their source and stops the seed germination process.

While pre-emergent treatment is great at stopping weeds before they start, some weeds are still able to break through. This may seem like a nuisance but, thanks to the treatment, the number of weeds that do survive is few and far between. These pests can be treated by simply pulling them by the root. No pre-emergent service will be perfect, but they are all well worth the commitment in the end.  We here at CWC Landscaping schedule multiple weed follow ups to your yard to help stop the germination cycle and remove/treat existing weeds that may have germinated after the initial visit.

Another great advantage about pre-emergent treatment, other than cutting down on the number of weeds in the yard, is that this treatment reduces the need for additional weed sprays throughout the year. Simply complete this easy treatment in late winter or early spring and the yard will be taken care of well through the summer monsoon season!

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