Summer Bermuda Grass Lawn Care Tips

When you live in Arizona, keeping a lawn is one of the most difficult things to do. With little rain to keep your lawn green and even less water available to water it, your Bermuda grass can quickly fade and turn to brown without serious effort. Here at CWC Landscaping, we know that lawn care is one of the most important things in keeping your backyard beautiful. Here are just a few tips for summer Bermuda grass care.

Mowing Bermuda Grass

One of the more difficult aspects of keeping Bermuda grass looking good is mowing it. Because it is one of the more challenging grasses to mow, requiring mowing every 10-14 days. If you accidentally “scalp” your lawn, you can end up with a stressed lawn, and a lot more work.  Though Bermuda lawns can be cut extremely short, don’t ever take off more than a third of the height of the grass or else you will stress your lawn.

Watering Bermuda Grass

Next, you’ll need to water your lawn to keep it looking green, especially in the hot Arizona sun. Though this type of lawn is generally great in the heat, resistant to drought and sun, it still needs to be daily watering or to be weekly irrigated. The lawn requires more watering during high heats of summer so we recommend early morning just before sun rise and early evening around 5-6 pm. so the lawn has time to absorb the water before sundown.  You should never water lawns late night during summer months as our monsoon season hits and we have increase humidity and rain fall it can create a fungus in your lawn that can be very difficult to treat.

Aerating & Fertilizing Bermuda Grass

With any other grasses, you’ll want to aerate your lawn to ensure that your soil is getting enough oxygen, water, and nutrients, and that your lawn can recuperate after a lot of abuse in the summertime. You’ll only want to aerate your lawn once a year, we recommend doing this in early to mid-spring before temps reach 100 degrees, as this can be stressful for lawns. If you are aerating, you’ll also want to add fertilizer and a lot of water so that your grass can easily get back to normal. Nitrogen is one of the best fertilizers for this type of lawn, especially if you want it to be beautiful and green. You can usually add fertilizer to your lawn when aerating, as well as two other times, like mid-spring, mid-summer, and early fall.

If you are looking for more Bermuda grass lawn care tips, be sure to contact CWC Landscaping, especially for more tips about caring for your lawn in the heat of Arizona.

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