Lawn Maintenance Tips for Winter

Many people have experienced some disappointment at how their lawn looks after the AZ winter months. These people might wonder whether there is something that they can do to pep up their grass a little more. There is, but it requires some pre-planning in the fall and winter to get right. Here are 5 essential tips for winter lawn maintenance in Surprise, AZ, that you might not have thought about before.

Use the Right Fertilizer & Taking Care of the Weeds

February is the best time to apply weed & feed fertilizer to your lawn. Your lawn and the weeds that are infiltrating it soak up everything possible during the fall and winter since they are in “energy saving mode.” Apply a weed & feed fertilizer in late winter so that the weeds will soak it up and give your lawn a better start in the spring. Minimize watering the lawn, if it is dormant, to once weekly just to keep the soil moist until early spring.

Winter Rye Seed to Reduce Weeds

At CWC Landscaping LLC, we know from experience that weeds are the last thing you want tormenting your grass when it starts getting colder. Why not keep your grass green all winter and help reduce weed infestations in the lawn for spring/summer?  The winter seeding is done in late September through October and keeps the grass a lush green all winter.  It also helps choke out pesky weeds and minimizes the weeds in your Bermuda when it comes in the following spring.

Fill in Any Bald Spots

When it starts getting cold, make sure to loosen up the soil in any bald or sparse spots in your yard. Apply a lawn repair mixture containing fertilizer, mulch, and grass seed to these spots and water every other day for a couple of weeks.

Rake up Those Leaves

Allowing leaves to stay on the ground at all may breed and spread disease that kills your grass and other vegetation. It can also suffocate your lawn when the leaves get wet and stay matted on your landscaping. Clear the yard of leaves before the winter so that your lawn has the best chance of thriving.

Give Your Soil Some Breathing Room

Thatching your lawn is something that you should plan to do every fall. When fall and winter set in, dead leaves and debris left to sit can suffocate your grass. Thatching the lawn gives your lawn room to breathe and while water, air, and fertilizer are better able to reach the roots of your grass.

Just Keep Mowing

In terms of lawn maintenance, it might seem easier to stop mowing and watering your lawn when it gets colder. However, it is important to mow your lawn all year long. Set your lawn mower to its lowest setting for the last couple of mows before winter and mow at least once a month during cooler months even when the grass is dormant. Water the lawn at most 1-2 times weekly during dry months to keep soil moist. By doing this, you’ll be engaging in proper lawn maintenance in Surprise, AZ, and your grass will look healthier during regular growth seasons.


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