Lawn Care Basics: Cut, Irrigate, Fertilize

Virtually every homeowner wants to have a luscious, beautiful lawn to enjoy. A beautiful yard can be a great place to hang out with friends and family and to let the kids spend hours playing. However, a beautiful yard also requires a lot of maintenance. Here in Surprise, AZ, there are great options for lawn & landscape maintenance services that can help make your life a little bit easier. Let’s take a look at the three basic components of yard care and see how they can make your yard look beautiful all year long.

  1. Cut – Your shrubs need to be trimmed regularly to maintain its appearance. A yard that is allowed to grow out extensively before being cut back will often appear unhealthy when it is trimmed. Regular trimming of plants and shrubs allows them to become thicker and denser. Additionally, grass should be mowed every 10-14 days, let it get too high can create it jumping the curb or border of the lawn area and that can be difficult to get rid of down the road.
  2. Watering – Grass & shrubs needs water to survive and since there is very little rain here, it is necessary to water daily to give it the water it needs during the high heats of summer. Never water your lawn during the heat of the day though, the heat from the sun can actually cook the grass and scorch it. The best time of day to water the lawn is early in the morning and evening, when the sun is not as hot.
  3. Fertilize – Fertilizer is vital to a healthy lawn, but it must be used correctly. If you use too little fertilizer, your lawn will not look its best, however, using too much fertilizer can actually cause more harm than good. It is always best to talk with a professional about the correct amount of fertilizer for your lawn.

Properly maintaining your landscaping  so that it always looks its best takes a lot of work. If you are already busy with your family and job, it can often get pushed aside, resulting in a yard that doesn’t look its best. Lawn care professionals can take care of your lawn for you, ensuring that it always looks as good as it can. Consider finding out your lawn maintenance cost in Surprise, AZ, today and make your life just a bit easier.

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