Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards in Arizona

A small backyard poses many challenges when you want a lush, functional outdoor getaway. Landscaping in Arizona poses even more challenges with the climate. Fortunately, at CWC Landscaping LLC, we know a few simple tricks to help you get the most out of your small backyard.

Add Structure

You don’t have to have tons of space for interesting and functional structures. Additions like pergolas, patios, and fire pits can all add great interest and structure. Just be sure whatever you add is scaled well to the size of your yard or it could be overwhelming.

Break Up the Space

Even though the space is small, breaking up the backyard into functional units is a great way to use every inch of the space. Consider sectioning off the lawn, a garden, or a seating area to make the yard usable yet beautiful. You can break up the space with paths, plants, little walls, and more.

Use Color

Place bold, bright colored plants nearer to the viewer with foliage in the back. This helps grab attention and leaves a sense of depth beyond.

Plant Smart

One of the best things you can do is to choose the right plants, trees, and flowers for your yard. There is more vegetation that can thrive in the Arizona desert than cactus, so ask a local nursery for ideas. For a small space, choose vegetation that will grow or can be pruned to grow vertically and not horizontally. The verticality will add perspective, making the yard feel bigger. Horizontal plants will make it feel crowded and small. Additionally, consider finding dwarf varieties of plants that won’t overgrow the yard.
Whatever design ideas you choose, you can use a quality landscaping service to execute your plans. After the landscaping is installed, all you need is expert yard and lawn care in Arizona to keep it looking beautiful.

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