Landscaping Ideas for Fall

Autumn is a beautiful season, full of vibrant colors and accented by a fresh chill in the air. Many people, content to sit back on their porch swing and enjoy watching nature do its beautiful work, neglect their landscaping during these months entirely. However, taking care of your landscaping is as important, if not more so, during the fall than it is any other time of year. Here are some landscaping ideas to keep it looking fresh and ready for next year.

Over Seeding the Lawn

Although it is easier to let your grass go dormant during winter months, doing a rye over seeding can actually make a huge difference. Removing built up thatch from continual mowing prior to the winter seeding is ideal and helps the lawn absorb more water & nutrients throughout the year.  The rye seed keeps your lawn green all winter long and helps to minimize weeds during Arizona highest weed season from January-April.  Come spring the rye will burn off and the Bermuda will come back giving the lawn a nice transition between seasons!

Planting Trees & Shrubs

Cooler temps in the valley of the sun means it is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs so they can establish before our coldest winter months.  If you have wanted to replace shrubs or add a tree to your landscaping it is a great time to do it.  Only in Arizona can we continue to plant and change our landscaping while the rest of the country is shoveling snow!

Keep up Planter and Pots

During the spring and the summer, your planter and window boxes are probably filled with seasonal flowers and herbs. However, during the fall and the winter they may be dormant or die off. Arizona winters are so mild there are lots of great options to keep color in these pots and planter boxes throughout the cooler months!

Finding ways to keep your landscaping looking great in the fall doesn’t have to be complicated. With some simple backyard landscaping ideas in Surprise, AZ, and basic upkeep tasks, your property will look wonderful all year.

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