Lawn Maintenance Tips for Winter

Many people have experienced some disappointment at how their lawn looks after the AZ winter months. These people might wonder whether there is something that they can do to pep up their grass a little more. There is, but it requires some pre-planning in the fall and winter to get right. Here are 5 essential tips for winter lawn maintenance in Surprise, AZ, that you might not have thought about before.

Use the Right Fertilizer & Taking Care of the Weeds

February is the best time to apply weed & feed fertilizer to your lawn. Your lawn and the weeds that are infiltrating it soak up everything possible during the fall and winter since they are in “energy saving mode.” Apply a weed & feed fertilizer in late winter so that the weeds will soak it up and give your lawn a better start in the spring. Minimize watering the lawn, if it is dormant, to once weekly just to keep the soil moist until early spring.

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