Caring for Your Landscape in the Southwest

It’s getting hot out there! We want you to be prepared for the monsoon season that’s fast approaching the southwestern states. Here are a few things that we can do to help you keep your
landscape looking great as the temperatures rise and the storms start to blow.


In our area, water is a precious resource that we want to use wisely. If you have plants or even a little lawn space that requires regular watering, the best and smartest way to do this is to have drip lines that give water directly to the plant without any waste. Automatic timers also help control the timing and amount of flow to certain areas of your yard. Some systems can even be set to not go off when there is rain, which is a good conservation measure to take.

Tree Trimming

We have a lot of palm trees in our climate that need regular trimming. This keeps the tree healthy and looking beautiful. Also, it is a good precaution to take against the strong winds that come with the monsoons. Dead and hanging palm branches and fronds are susceptible to being blown right off the tree and around the neighborhood. When this happens, it leaves a big mess in the roads and in our neighborhood yards. Sometimes larger palm fronds can get blown onto roofs and into windows, which causes damage.

Native Plants

We recommend finding plants that are native to our environment and can thrive without much water. Trees and plants that can stand up to extreme weather conditions are a perfect addition to maintaining a beautiful landscape. If you’re starting from scratch with your yard, you’ll need to make special considerations for the kind of heat and seasonal storms we experience in this area.

Rocks and Hardscape

Many yards in the area incorporate rocks and hardscape in order to give variety in their landscaping that doesn’t require a lot of watering. However, these kinds of decorative landscaping still need to be maintained. Over time, concrete and pavers can become stained by dirt, rain, and wind. Dirt gets blown into areas with rock and can sometimes build up into a thick, muddy mess when mixed with rain. Smaller, pea gravel can get blown around onto sidewalks and patios.

A landscaping crew can clean up rocky areas, clear out weeds and debris, and make sure the plants in your yard stay beautiful. Landscaping maintenance is very important in Arizona throughout the year, but especially during the warmer seasons when more care is needed to keep desert plants alive and hardscape clean and safe.


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