5 Simple Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Keeping up with the Joneses can be a challenge especially if you have high maintenance landscaping. With the right residential landscaping in Surprise, AZ, however, you can spend less time working on your yard and more time actually enjoying it. Check out these five easy, low maintenance ideas from the professionals at CWC Landscaping.  

Outdoor Living Spaces

Create an outdoor living space for entertaining friends and family. Get creative with vine-covered pergolas, covered picnic areas, or an outdoor bar and grill. By extending your living space into the great outdoors with wood decks or stone walkways, you decrease the amount of actual landscaping that would usually require constant upkeep. In the end, you will spend more time with the family and less time mowing grass.

Strong Foundations

When you decided to put in an outdoor living space or walkway, make sure to provide a strong and stable foundation. This will ensure stable walkways and even stonework, at the same time preventing weeds from growing up through your hardscaping. Paver stones are commonly used for foundational work and will ensure an even surface for decades to come.


Incorporate perennials into next year’s landscaping. Unlike annuals and biennials, perennial plants come back every spring so there is nothing to replant. They are usually very hardy varieties that go dormant during the winter months and require only minimal pruning to ensure new growth the following year. Lavender is a popular species that always comes back with vibrant colors and a relaxing aroma.

Landscaping maintenance in Surprise, AZ, doesn’t have to be a challenge.

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